Four local women-owned businesses to support in Bali right now

Amazing small businesses ran by local women in Bali

While the pandemic wreaked havoc on the world’s economy, these unprecedented challenges affected more women than men, with women labor and women-run small businesses hit the hardest.

Women in economies of every size are bearing the brunt of the economic and social fallout of COVID-19, UN Women said. The 2020 report also highlighted how the pandemic could worsen the gender-poverty gaps if we don’t take action.

The number of female entrepreneurs on the island is spiking, as women-run small businesses burgeon by the minute. For this reason alone, we need to support women-owned businesses now more than ever!

Here are some small businesses to support in Bali during these tough times, all operated by local women!

Little Spoon Farm - Audria Evelinn


Audria Evelinn posing in her garden

When Audria Evelinn chose the life of farming, she had one dream: to improve the local food system.

Her garden in Kediri, Tabanan is where she spends most of her days, tending to the plethora of vegetables from zucchini, arugula, to marigold flowers and mints.

Together with passionate and like-minded partners, she created Little Spoon Farm, a greenhouse vegetable farm, and an online platform for direct harvest orders. Through LSF, she can empower farmers to adopt regenerative planting practices and promote a mindful connection between seed and plate.

How to support: Subscribe to Little Spoon Farm and receive a box of vegetables, fruits, and organic processed food sourced from Audria’s farmer friends. Shop from their nursery to grow your own edible garden at home. Or join their community programs.

Estetica Belle Beauty Studio - Evie Prabandari


Located between Berawa’s busy tenants, Estetica Belle quickly became a staple in the neighborhood’s beauty scene. Their motto ‘support your local nail gang’ rings truer by the year. Started by Balinese beauty Evie Prabandari from the ground up, they moved their nail studio in Renon when demand popped up in Canggu. The beauty studio also doubles as a concept store called Praba Essentials, showcasing the entrepreneur’s very own clothing brand and jewelry line.

How to support: Treat yourself to a gel manicure or lash extensions. The ladies here are skilled nail artists from glitter, french tips to Bohemian and Japanese style designs! Or, shop her Praba ‘essentials’.

Flock Bali - Sherrine Budiman


“By being there for each other, as a flock, we will strengthen the bond we have as a community and be stronger together.” Jakarta-native Sherrine Budiman is the businesswoman behind this modern minimalist restaurant in Ubud. Flock has a strong passion for quality craftsmanship, offering fresh and refined, comfort food with premium coffee and cocktails. Along with industry friends, she gets innovative and creative with Flock in the world of fine food and beverage.

How to support: Her latest project, Cocktail Lab is Flock’s twist of a wine and cocktail speakeasy bar. Check out their weekly 2-for-1 parties every Saturday or pop in for a wagyu don and coffee during the day.

Chon Tea - Faustine Tan

Faustine Tan’s entrepreneurial journey started when she opened a small travel kiosk selling speed boat tickets and adventures in Bali, but she knew her passion lay elsewhere.

Ignited by the travel bug in her, she learned about matcha ceremonies in Ochaya, Japan, and visited tea plantations in Sri Lanka, Nepal, and around Indonesia.

ChonTea was initially born to build an extended ‘tea room’ in her main house to host RSVP guests. Now, she hosts one of Bali’s best tea workshops, tours, and tastings.

How to support: Chon Tea’s tea parlor is re-opening at a new location in June 2021. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming workshops and tasting sessions! Follow her journey on Instagram.

Honorable mentions:

Rose Mystica of Ensiklomusika Music School

Wika of Front Cafe

Anita of Kintamani Coffee by AKASA

Niluh of Niluh Djelantik (

Nadya Sidharta of Seseh General Store

Arielle Chenarra of Thyme & Caramel

Did we miss any remarkable women-run businesses in Bali? Let us know who you’re celebrating.