Pro-Tips for Hassle-Free Villa Hunting in Bali

With countless to browse from, finding your new home in Bali could come with unnecessary stress and unfamiliarity.

But don’t let yourself miss out on your dream villa. Home hunting in Bali can also be an exciting step to your new life on the island! There is one for every type of traveler, budget, and different ideals.

If you’re planning a mid to long-term move to Bali, jumpstart your home-hunting process by considering these tips below.

Villa or guest house?

First and foremost, understand your living needs. Bali offers a variety of accommodation types but it’s generally boiled down to villas and guest houses. If you’re seeking a hotel or a resort, this article is irrelevant to you.

Villas provide a full, private house experience that typically includes a garden or a pool. This is ideal if you require a larger living space. If you are looking for a living quarter to essentially slumber and shower, and don’t mind sharing communal spaces with other people, consider a room in a guest house.

Of course, the luxury of choosing between a villa or a guesthouse also depends on your budget. So, also check in with your finances.

To help give you context, here is a price guideline around Canggu & Seminyak per monthly (NOTE: with pandemic prices):

Guest House : IDR 3.000.000 - 8.000.000

One-bedroom Villa : IDR 6.000.000 - 12.000.000

Two-bedroom Villa : IDR 11.000.000 - 18.000.000

Three-bedroom Villa : IDR 18.000.000 - 25.000.000

Worth noting: Rates for guest houses are normally all-inclusive of WiFi, electricity, and other utilities. Most villas will come with additional charges (i.e. monthly electricity). Rates for super luxurious villas may also vary, depending on the property, location, size, and so on.

Double-check before you check-in

If you are on the island, there’s no harm in viewing the room or villa before making a move. If this isn’t possible, resort to Google and always check the reviews before anything else.

“Excuse me. What’s the WiFI password?”


Let us guess, are you relocating to Bali to ‘work from home'? Fast or slow WiFi can be a life or death matter for some remote workers. Do an internet speed test or ask the host for their download speed. We would even recommend checking if each room is equipped with an individual router.

If you fall in love with a place with poor quality internet, bear in mind, WiFi installation in Bali is possible to be done on your own and costs around IDR 450,000/month (around USD 32) at the very lowest.

The closer it is to the beach, the higher the price.

This is the law and it’s a no-brainer. You can live the dream of having your own beach house, but you could also steal good deals from areas that are 10 to 15 minutes away from sand and sea. Moving away from the beach doesn’t lower the quality of your living space, just your budget.

Ask for assistance

If you prefer a completely stress-free villa hunting experience in Bali, contact a reliable property agent in Bali who can do the homework for you and hook you up with the best deals. Directly contact the agent to ensure the attentiveness and credibility of the management.

Some FAQs to ask the host or owner:

  1. Is the price inclusive of electricity? If not, how much can I expect to pay for electricity each month?

  2. What else is included in the price? (Gas for cooking, drinking water, WiFi, cleaning services, etc.)

  3. What WiFi provider do you use? (Good answer: MTM, CBN, Biznet) (Bad answer: Gl**al Extr**e, Ind*Hom*, ‘sorry we don’t have WiFi’)

  4. Is regular cleaning included? If yes, how many times a week? Most places offer twice a week of cleaning service and one-time linen change a week, at least.

  5. If you are looking to live with pets, make this known to the host or owner from the get-go, since it can be a deal breaker for many!

We hope these tips will help you to find the perfect home in the island and minimise the hassle! Also, since you’re here, contact FHM team or browse our properties to get 15% off your first booking today. Wink wink.